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Competitive 4's Beach Volleyball Rules

1. Player Requirements/Safety

  1. 4 players on the court - a minimum of 2 members of the same sex must be on the court at all times.
  2. Each player must sign a waiver before his/her first game. 
  3. Should an injury occur, a first aid kit (ice packs, band aids and tensors) will be provided in every equipment bag.

2. Start Time

  1. The first set of games begins at 9:00am. Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that your games start on time.

3. Scoring

  1. You will play 2 games against each of the 5 teams (10 games in total).
  2. Each game is played to 25 points, with rally point scoring (i.e. a point is scored on every serve). The game must be won by 2 points, with a 27 point cap. One point will be awarded for each game won. 

4. Referees

  1. All games are self-officiated (no referees), therefore, teams are required to call their OWN violations and are expected to be honest and keep a high level of sportsmanship at all times. If you feel that your opponent is not being accountable, your team captain may politely intervene to discuss fouls called or uncalled. We rely on your pirit of sportsmanship and honesty to keep the matchespleasant for all. If there is a dispute, please re-serve the point.

5. Play

  1. A player may never block a serve.
  2. A player may never use an open hand to volley a serve nor can a player execute an open-handed volley on first contact (every time the ball crosses the net, including free balls) with the ball unless it is hard-driven (the serve is never considered a hard-driven ball regardless of its velocity)
  3. A hard driven ball is classified as a ball hit with a full swing and has very little arc.
  4. "Sets" that drift over the net are permitted.
  5. Lifting, scooping the ball and double hits are not permitted.
  6. A block is not counted as a hit.
  7. A ball may be volleyed over the net only if you are square to the direction of the ball.
  8. Maximum of 3 hits per side.
  9. If the ball lands on the line it is in.
  10. No "open-handed" tipping: players who contact the ball with one hand and are putting the ball over the net, must cleanly hit with the heel or palm of hand (a roll shot), with straight, locked fingers and a locked wrist (a cobra), knurled fingers (a camel toe), or with the back of the hand (locked wrist and locked fingers/knuckles). One-handed placement or redirection of the ball with the fingers (dink or open-handed tip) is a fault.

6. Player Rotations

  1. Rotate new players in before your team starts a new server. In 4's divisions, you do not have to rotate your players around the court, but you must rotate your servers.

7. Playing the Ball

  1. Players may play the ball off any part of their body, including feet.

8. Contacting the Net and Center Line

  1. A player can not touch the net at any time during the game (if you touch the net, it is the other team's ball). However, a player may cross the imaginary center line as long as they don't interfere with the play or get in the way of the opposition.

9. Serving

  1. Net serves are allowed (the ball is allowed to contact the net on the serve).
  2. A server may serve the ball from anywhere along the baseline.
  3. Servers do not rotate after five consecutive points.
  4. The same server continues to serve as long as his/her team successfully wins the point.

10. Weather Conditions

  1. In sunny or windy conditions, where one side of the court offers an advantage, teams will change sides after every 10 points scored.
  2. Games are played rain or shine (but no lightning), cancelled games are not rescheduled. Always show up to the game even if it's raining as the weather can change very quickly. At the start of the game the captains are to make the decision if the games are to be cancelled. If lightning cancels any sets of games, the rest of the games are cancelled for the night.
  3. LIGHTNING POLICY: If thunder is heard within 30 seconds of seeing lightning, games will be postponed. All participants must leave the playing area and seek shelter in a building or an automobile. Never stand under trees, in an open field or under an umbrella. Games will resume 15 minutes after the thunder and lightning have moved away. If thunder and lightning are still present 15 minutes after, the game will be cancelled and the score counts as it was when the game was stopped. Halfway point of the game must be reached (13 points by one team) in order for the game to count towards the league standings.

11. Abuse/Alcohol:

  1. Any abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, or mental is not acceptable in any manner. If any of these types of abuse are reported, the player or team will receive a verbal warning. If a second incident occurs, the player or team will be asked to leave the league or tournament without refund. Teams are responsible for other teammates' actions; as a teammate, please encourage good sportsmanship at all times. Perpetual Motion Sports & Entertainment Inc. reserves the right to eject a player or team without a warning and without a refund. The King of the Castle Tournament is to be enjoyable and fun for everyone, let's keep it that way.
  2. Alcohol is not permitted at any game or event, offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. Playing while intoxicated is also prohibited.


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